Key features

Online FTTH engineering reporting & management software: ITS-NetProgress™

Users & Roles

Definable online access, flexible user & role definition.
View or Edit settings per screen and prices, reports etc.

Materials & Labour

Definition of plant units & materials, suppliers, contractors and unit durations.

High level Reporting

Direct reporting of the designed material & labour quantities and budget costs.

Detailed Reporting

Detailed reporting of all BOQ & BOM quantities & costs per area, per activity.

Detailed Planning

Gantt chart planning per area, per activity, per contractorteam with
automatic duration calculations and actual progress % per sub-task.

Building monitoring

Clear graphical, dashboard style, views of the project costs & amounts per work phase.

Progress reporting

Online progress registration, validation & Google Earth reporting.

Optical fiber network
engineering services

Engineering Benefits


The benefits of using ITSimplicity Solutions engineering services


Uses the Autodesk platform: professional design functionality and multiplatform options. Customization options for different network design concepts.


Fast Network Optimization with great amount of iterations, alternative modelling of the fiber network design.


Each engineering customer has its own dedicated, secured database. Hosted by Microsoft Azure Cloud. All communication is SSL encrypted.

Online support, documentation and instruction videos.


Included in the engineering offer: The ITS-NetProgress™ account

A total solution for OSP Fiber network planning

Proof of Concept


What's included

Of course we understand you wish to see if our engineering method matches your requirements.

The ITS team has proven to be capable of handling large FTTH projects and is experienced in engineering.

To give our clients an idea of what the design will look like when its finished, we typically give a proof of concept before starting on the full project. This test project will use the same set-up as the full project and will result in a complete set of deliverables. After approval of both sides on: delivered data by client, working process by ITS and the deliverables to the client, we can start the full-scale project.

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About us

ITSimplicity Solutions

ITS-NetProgress™ is an FTTH / FTTx planning solution created by ITSimplicity Solutions BV. Our company’s mission is to serve our customers in the best way possible by offering our expertise, smart solutions and engineering services. We support companies by providing alternative FTTH network concepts and calculations, deliver cost optimized network designs with substantial cost savings and continue to support local initiatives in FTTH in rural areas, villages and cities in every possible way.

ITSimplicity Solutions BV was founded in 2013 when the Draka / Prysmian project and software engineering team took over all OSP software tools & solutions, rights and ownerships and started their independent company.

With over 25 years of experience in providing top level solutions and services to design, plan, build and maintain OSP Telecommunication networks, we’ve now developed a new web-based FTTH planning software that suits the needs of the FTTH/ FTTx business: ITS-NetProgress™.
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Successfully planned projects

  • Italy (2016-2017)

    In Italy we did Fiber planning, both high-level and low-level (detailed) ftth network design. High-level FTTH projects in 1000+ rural villages, 6 million homes. Multi operator, primary & secondary splitters. Low-level FTTH projects in multiple cities, 200k homes. Multi operator, primary & secondary splitters. Included: digital survey, high level civil & optical network designs & schematics & Google Earth output with BOQ costs & BOM reporting per area & activity.
  • The Netherlands (2006-2009)

    Turn-key, point-to-point, “home run”, 40k homes FTTH project. Ethernet with analogue cable TV on a second fiber. Included: survey, detailed civil & optical network designs & schematics with BOQ costs & BOM reporting per area & activity.
  • Ghana (1995-1997)

    Turn-key telecom projects covering 6 cities in Ghana. Included: survey, detailed civil & electrical cable designs & schematics with BOQ costs & BOM reporting, turn-key project, contract & material management.
  • Worldwide FTTH Project management experience

    Reference (turn-key) projects include High-level and Low-level OSP network designs with: GPON, P2P, direct-buried, duct, micro-duct, aerial, ADSS short-span & long-span, copper cables, optical-fibre cables, industrial complexes, FTTH business cases, special networks for: public transport monitoring, metro/sub-way systems, dishes etc. We have experience in many countries in: Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, the Middle-East, Oceania and South America.

Our Fiber solutions

Create future-proof fiber optic networks

Automatic and cost optimized FTTH network design:

ITS-NetOptimus™ software automatically creates fiber optic / FTTH / FTTx designs of the highest quality, by using complex optimization algorithms within a user friendly graphical interface.

Real fiber network engineering, AutoCAD® based:

ITS-NetDesign™ is our flexible FTTH design software: fast to learn, easy to customize, automatic costings, cabling & labelling, fast schematics, easy switch from P2P to GPON, installer and as-built designs.

Windows based, Turn-key project management:

ITS-NetProgress™ is based on many years of experience in FTTH / FTTx project planning with our project management software, ITS-NetProject™ that has been used on numerous OSP Telecom projects.

Web-based FTTH / FTTx project management:

ITS-NetProgress™ will be offered as SaaS. With ITS-NetProgress™, project management, access to the work at hand & progress reporting has become an online, team activity.

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FTTH software for fiber-optic network planning

FTTH planning and management software for fiber optic networks. The future of FTTH and FTTx project management is SaaS and web-based.

FTTH software for fiber optic network planning, Saas, webbased